"Let’s put the green back in Green Hills!"



What is TGHAP?

TGHAP, (pronounced TEE-gap), is the acronym for The Green Hills Action Partners. It is a volunteer organization in Nashville, Tennessee, of concerned businesses, neighbors merchants, CEO’s, non-profits, developers, politicians and government officials who work together to help make the Green Hills community a safer and more enjoyable place to live, work, walk, bike, drive, shop and play!

What is TGHAP's purpose?

The Green Hills community is comprised of a concentrated mixed commercial district surrounded by a large residential area. TGHAP’s purpose is to work with planners, developers, businesses, neighbors and government officials to help achieve positive “design” solutions as the Business District faces challenges from transitioning from its original 1940’s design to a more urban “lifestyle” design. One of our goals is to seek visually coherent pedestrian linkages that will enhance shopping pleasure, reduce traffic congestion, connect residential areas to the shopping district and improve overall enjoyment in the area. (For websites with urban lifestyle designs, see Links.)


What does TGHAP do?

The organization meets to share information and to give progress reports about Green Hills Business District. Our yearly goals are determined by the needs and desires of our community. To find solutions to community problems, we work with members to combine our resources and knowledge. Our meeting agendas consist of community reports given by area businesses, developers, non-profits, government officials and neighbors. We often invite additional guest speakers to talk with us about projects or issues that directly affect our community. To get on our meeting agenda, please email us here.

Please feel free to look at our most recent accomplishments from the last several years. (see Accomplishments)

TGHAP encourages developers and business owners to use the Green Hills Urban Design Overlay (UDO) as a guide for renovations and future planning. To view the UDO, please go to the Metro Planning website, (www.nashville.gov/mpc).

TGHAP's Projects

  • Ways to make Green Hills more pedestrian-friendly, by improving the network of sidewalks and adding bikeways and greenways.

  • Exploring ways to ease traffic congestion.

  • Putting the green back in Green Hills. We encourage pocket parks, street trees, and enhanced landscape plantings.

  • Reducing sign clutter, encouraging pedestrian scale signs.

  • Helping to create a vibrant, welcoming and walkable environment for everyone.

  • Sponsoring fun events that bring the community together.

  • Keeping businesses, shops, stores, offices and thecommunity involved in the process.

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